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What to Do When It May Be Time for Respite Care

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What to Do When It May Be Time for Respite Care


How to Know When Respite Care is the Right Option

While we all want to be there for our loved ones as they age, when senior loved ones need care, we aren’t always able to provide them with everything they need. Caring for a loved one alone is difficult and at times simply not possible.

This is why so many familial caregivers turn to respite services to help maintain the kind of quality care their loved ones need while they are away or otherwise unable to provide care themselves. Respite care is vital for many caregivers when they travel or need to take time to focus on their own needs. It can also help relieve caregivers from some of the stresses they face while taking on this big responsibility.

The more familial caregivers know about respite care and when they may want to use these services—the better off they and their loved ones will be.

Here are some of the situations that may necessitate respite care services for seniors.

Respite Care While Recovering From a Health Problem

Respite care communities are safe, comfortable and friendly facilities designed for seniors who need short-term care. They can provide seniors with the kind of 24/7 care they need to make a speedy recovery following a health issue. This a temporary form of assisted living that helps seniors get back on their feet, and rest and recover, while getting help following their treatment plans.

These communities have nurses and trained staff members available to help seniors on their road to recovery and most importantly are there around the clock, in case something happens. Certain facilities may have more resources available than others, but most memory care communities and assisted living facilities should have a nurse on staff to help all of the temporary residents during this time.

While nurses can help monitor your loved one’s vitals and make sure they are recovering properly, these respite care communities also have caregivers around to help make sure that seniors are being looked after day and night. They help seniors with their everyday needs, such as getting out of bed and bathing, and also help to ensure their recovery goes smoothly. When a senior is in the process of recovering from a serious medical procedure or a hospital stay following an illness they need a lot of attention. This is often something that most family members simply wouldn’t be able to provide on their own.

Once your loved one has completed their doctor-recommended treatment plan, or whenever they feel ready to go home and have been approved to do so—their time in respite care will come to an end. They can go to the comfort of their own home and continue the recovery process in a more familiar environment.

When Caregivers Need a Reprieve

Respite care services aren’t always following an injury, illness or procedure. One of the most common reasons caregivers use respite care is when they need some time to themselves. There are so many challenges that can come with caring for an elderly person. A caregiver needs to remember to take care of themselves during this time as well. When caregivers fail to address their own needs they can get very stressed or sick, and aren’t going to be the best caregiver they can be.

Respite services provide this much-needed reprieve for caregivers. Whether you are a caregiver who needs to travel, needs time to themselves, is planning a vacation or even who just needs a free afternoon to go to the grocery store—there are respite care services available. There is a very diverse range of respite services available today, meaning caregivers can always find an option that meets their needs.

Respite services can allow you to find that balance in your life between providing the absolute best care possible for your loved one and also caring for yourself and your family at the same time.

Exploring Your Respite Care Options

One of the best things about respite care, is that it really is a flexible form of senior care, designed to fit the senior and their caregivers. While some of the more comprehensive respite services are available through memory care and assisted living communities, there are a number of different respite services that are offered outside of these communities. Caregivers should be ready to explore their options to make sure they find the right solution for themselves, their families and their loved ones.

Out-of-Home Respite Care

There are actually a number of different out-of-home respite care services available for seniors, outside of the ones offered in assisted living communities. One of the most common forms of this type of care is known as adult day care. These centers are created to provide quality care for seniors during the day, in a supportive, friendly and safe environment. Many of these adult day care centers have plenty of activities for seniors to keep them happy and busy and can even provide transportation services for busy familial caregivers who need some help getting their seniors to and from daycare.

Some families also utilize private caretakers to provide out-of-the-home respite services. Typically, this includes a caregiver taking your loved one out for some time on the town during the day. They may also take your loved one to do some of their activities like getting a haircut or going to the doctor—their help allows you to be more flexible with your schedule so both you and your loved one can handle your personal needs.

In Home Respite Care

Out-of-home respite care isn’t for everyone. This is why many seniors hire personal caregivers to help provide in home respite care services. If you believe that your loved one would prefer to be at home while you are away, or you find that moving them outside of the home causes too much stress—this is a great option to explore.

This allows your loved one to get more personalized attention and more specialized care and it is often less expensive then sending your loved one to an assisted living community. Family caregivers and respite care providers can work together to make sure that the loved one is getting the around-the-clock care they need, right in the comfort of their own home.

No matter which solution works best for your senior loved one, it is important to remember that flexible respite care services are available for seniors and caregivers, for all of their extended care needs.

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