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Tips for Talking to Aging Parents About In Home Care

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Tips for Talking to Aging Parents About In Home Care


How to Speak with Parents About In Home Care

Aging is a delicate subject, and if your parents are getting older, they may feel resistant to the idea of hiring someone to help them with in home care. However, in home care may be a good solution for any person who wants to remain in their own living space, but have the proper support to stay safe and healthy.

If you want to broach this topic of conversation with your parents, it can help to do some work to prepare for the talk. That way, you can approach the topic sensitively and in a way that will help them be more receptive to the idea, rather than push you away.

Plan for the Conversation

Don’t bring up the topic in the heat of the moment or when a crisis has happened. Instead, plan a time for the conversation, then bring it up calmly and logically. It is a topic of conversation that is usually best handled and received when emotions aren’t running high.

Know the Benefits

Come armed with the concrete benefits of in-home care. Be able to share these with your aging parents. Some of the benefits include having someone prepare meals and get groceries, do taxing cleaning tasks, and take some of the pressure off adult kids, so everyone can simply enjoy their time together.

Ask Questions About What they Want

If you ask your aging parents questions about what they want in their quality of life, there’s a good chance you’ll lead them to the conclusion that help could only benefit them. If they say they want to feel safe, uninjured, and independent, having support in their own home can be a great way to ensure they have all of these things.

Call in Backup

There are professionals out there who can help you advocate for having licensed caregivers in your parents’ home. Reach out to a doctor, social worker, nurse, or other professional who has more experience and can come at the conversation from a more objective, non-emotional place.


Hiring an in home caregiver can be a hugely helpful step for both you and your aging parent or parents, since caring for mom and dad can be stressful, especially if you have kids of your own. However, if your parent resists the idea, it can become uncomfortable and unpleasant. Rather than broach the topic without preparation, spend some time learning the best way to talk about why they should consider in home care. Then, everyone can end up on board with the idea, making for a better quality of life for all involved.

Angel Companions Senior Care is an in home care agency located in Marietta that helps people stay safe and happy in their home. If your family member lives in an assisted living facility and is in need of additional special attention the home cannot provide we are there to help!  If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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