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Spending Time Together and Companionship for Elder Care

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Spending Time Together and Companionship for Elder Care


3 Ways to Spend Time with Your Aging Loved One This Summer

Finding the right activity to spend some time with an elderly friend or family member can be a challenge. With sometimes limited mobility and sometimes slower cognitive, you want to find an activity that entertains both you and your friend, while giving you the chance to spend that great quality time together.

Here are a few ideas to get your planning started as you plan a day with that special family member or friend.

Visit your favorite park

Often times, we forget how important it is to get out of the house and explore, until we are no longer able to do. Why not pick up your friend and drive them to a park with a great bench and do some people watching and chatting. Make sure to choose a spot with a close parking lot and plenty of bench seating so that they are comfortable and can easily get to and from the car. Bring a few of their favorite snacks or even a book to read allowed that you would both enjoy.

Dust off the old board games and puzzles

Go down and dust off those old board games and puzzles you never find yourself using anymore. Keep your friend in mind when choosing how complicated the activity is. Some great, easy games like Memory, Go-Fish, or an easy 25 piece puzzle will allow you to be able to chat while playing the game, and keep frustration at bay.

Go through an old picture album

With family members especially, it’s a great idea to pull out an old album and ask your family member to share stories behind each photo. Explaining who people are, where they were, what happened in that moment will not only brighten up their day, but also is crucial for you to make sure those memories are never lost and can be passed on through the years.

Angel Companions Senior Care provides elderly home care services in Atlanta including the cities of Kennesaw, Stockbridge, Woodstock, Johns Creek, Marietta & more. If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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