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New Technologies Are Making Senior Care More Effective

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New Technologies Are Making Senior Care More Effective


How Technologies Are Making Senior Care Safer

Hiring a home care professional helps ensure that you loved one takes medication on time and stays safe when you’re away from home. New technologies, however, are making it even easier for caregivers to fulfill their duties. If you need help caring for a senior, consider how the following technologies could benefit your family.

Cameras in the Home Allow Constant Monitoring

Many seniors can care for themselves well enough that they can spend time alone at home. Adding cameras to the house makes it possible to monitor your loved one’s safety at all times. Today’s cameras can send real-time video to your smartphone, computer or to a professional caregiver’s device.

Take monitoring seriously, even if your loved one still seems healthy and agile. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3 million elderly people go to the emergency room for fall injuries each year. Also, 95% of hip fractures happen when seniors fall.

Adding cameras to your loved one’s home makes it possible to stop potentially dangerous activities and respond quickly when your loved one has an accident.

Advanced Pill Dispensers Keep Seniors on Their Medication Schedules

Some of the latest pill dispensers use a variety of alerts to make sure seniors stick to their medication schedules. An advanced pill dispenser, for instance, might use a combination of sounds and blinking lights that seniors will notice.

Phone Calls Remind Seniors to Take Their Medications

If beeps and flashing lights don’t get your loved one to take medication at the right time, then a smart pill dispenser can alert you with a text message. You can also have the smart pill dispenser send a text notification to a professional caregiver.

When caregivers get notified, they can call your loved one for a medication reminder. Not all pill smart pill dispensers have this feature, so make sure you choose a model that includes SMS technology.

Other Technologies That Benefit Seniors

Not all of the technologies that benefit seniors focus on healthcare. Smart devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home can read news articles and stories to benefit losing their eyesight. Smart hubs like the Echo can also order anything from groceries to household goods, and have them delivered to the senior’s home.

New technology can even keep seniors entertained. Netflix and Apple TV, for instance, have audio features that describe scenes to give audiences with poor eyesight a richer experience.


Emerging technologies can improve the lives and health of seniors. Contact Angel Companions Senior Care to learn more about technologies and in-person services that will make your loved one more comfortable.

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