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Seniors Spreading Kindness Supports Health

Seniors Spreading Kindness Supports Health


The month of February provides us with the opportunity to celebrate our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. As we approach the holiday that’s all about showing adoration and affection, let’s not forget to spread kindness and love among our larger families, friends, neighbors, and communities.

Seniors Spreading Kindness

Even if you are a senior with limited physical mobility, there are lots of ways to do good deeds and spread kindness. And there are many reasons to do so beyond benefitting the people around you.

Numerous studies have found a link between participating in community service and high levels of life satisfaction, functional ability, and physical health, especially as we get older. Even life expectancy increases with a desire to help others.

Accessible Volunteering

When we choose to volunteer, we not only help our communities but also experience better health in our later years, increased happiness, superior brain function, and lower rates of depression.

Being kind and giving to others can start a chain reaction of positivity, provide a sense of pride and integrity, and foster a sense of connection with others, which are all important as we age.

Angel Companions caregivers work hard to help the people they care for stay connected to their communities, so they can partner with you as you serve others in a wide variety of ways.

Here’s a list of ideas to get you thinking about how you or the senior in your life can give back, even if you have some physical limitations or are home-bound.

  • Knit blankets for new babies in your church community, people who are experiencing homelessness, or those impacted by a natural disaster.
  • Hand-make cards to send to friends or members of the military serving abroad.
  • Organize pen-pal groups for people who live in a nearby nursing home.
  • Mentor a young person, either virtually or at a local school or library. A caregiving companion can drive you if you prefer not to drive these days.
  • Computer-savvy seniors can help local nonprofits and churches with newsletters, data input, or organizing care for others.
  • Pick up the phone and reach out to a friend who has lost a loved one or is going through a hard time.
  • Are you a baker? Make a treat to bring to church each Sunday or surprise a neighbor with banana bread or cookies to brighten their day.
  • Write letters to the school-aged children in your life. It’s good reading and writing practice for them and fosters a connection for both of you.
  • Contact your local food bank or homeless shelter to find out if they need care packages or personal item packets put together. This one requires some lifting, so the help of a companion caregiver is a good idea.

At Angel Companions, our angels help with tasks large and small so that elders feel connected and cared for. We support everyone in the family by providing the highest level of in-home senior care to ensure quality of life for your loved one.

Do you have questions about how professional care services could make your family member’s quality of life easier and better? If so, contact us today.


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