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How Respite Care Helps Your Family

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How Respite Care Helps Your Family


How Can Respite Care Help Your Family?

When a loved one is ill or needs a lot of hands-on care, respite care is a powerful way to take a break — without reducing the quality of the care your loved one receives. However, many caretakers don’t even know respite care is an option. Read on to learn more about respite care, and the powerful restorative effect it can have on caretakers.

The Stress of Providing Care

Maybe your loved one is going through a serious illness. Maybe they’re experiencing symptoms of dementia. Maybe they’re nearing the end of their life. Whatever the cause, many people need intensive care.

Many loved ones of people in need of care choose to provide some or all of that care themselves. This allows them close contact with their loved one during this difficult time, and many people appreciate the love and support they can give their friend or family member.

However, caretaking can be stressful, especially when balancing responsibilities like work, family, and the other rhythms of everyday life. Many caretakers find themselves experiencing serious consequences to their physical and mental health after a period of providing care for an ill loved one. They need to take a break, but they may not know how to get it.

The Importance of Respite Care

Respite care provides that much-needed break to caretakers. It gives you a chance to breathe, recharge, relax, and do what you need to, so you can come back to your loved one with a calm, happy mind.

Respite care is designed to be for the short term. It can last for anywhere between a few hours or several weeks. When that period of time is up, you resume taking care of your loved one, as you normally would. Many people find they’re able to provide better care than before since they’re less stressed and more energetic.


During a period of respite care, your loved one receives care from a caretaking agency or other professionals. You can relax and recharge, knowing your friend or family member is receiving stellar care — and that you’ll both be ready to go back to the normal routine of caretaking once their time in respite care is through.

The stress of taking care of a loved one can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. Respite care allows you a much-needed break, so you can de-stress and then resume caring for your loved one with the love and attention they deserve.

Angel Companions Senior Care serves all 27 Greater Atlanta counties and has the most experienced in home senior caregivers. We prove elderly respite care services to give your family a much-needed break from the daily stressors of carrying for your mom or dad.  If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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