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Preparing for Medicare Changes in 2019

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Preparing for Medicare Changes in 2019


How Will 2019 Medicare Changes Affect You?

Seniors have good news coming for 2019. Medicare benefits are improving in a number of significant ways. This program, which is the backbone of healthcare for those 65 and older as well as those with certain disabilities, already has a high level of public satisfaction and promises to improve that score with this year’s policy changes. Open enrollment began October 15 and will run through Dec. 7th, giving you a chance to improve your coverage level.

Therapy Cap

In the past, original Medicare benefits did not cover outpatient occupational, physical or speech therapy. Congress has repealed the cap on these services, which significantly increased the amount Medicare recipients had to pay for them.

Drug Coverage Donut Hole

Traditional Medicare plans have featured the “donut hole” in prescription drug coverage. After you reached a certain level of spending, your prescriptions were not covered for a period of time. If you paid enough out of pocket, you eventually reached the catastrophic spending level and received an excellent degree of coverage. This donut hole for prescription drugs is closing in 2019 and will close for generic drugs in 2020.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurers and cover Medicare Part A, Part B, and drug coverage. Beginning in January 2019, these plans have the option of offering coverage for elderly support services such as home-delivered meals, medical transport and home safety aids.

These plans will also offer options that pay for home health care aides to provide daily, personal care, a departure from the strict, health-related rules that currently exist. That means more beneficiaries will be able to receive services from in home senior care companies such as Angel Companions Senior Care.

Welcome Angel Companions Senior Care

Angel Companions Senior Care provides a number of in-home health care options for seniors. They are experts in personal care, live-in support, meal preparation, shopping and errand assistance. These skilled professionals can also provide dementia, Alzheimer’s, and respite care. With the new Medicare Advantage changes, more people will be financially able to pay for these much-needed services.

Now is the time to make essential Medicare changes so that you can receive the most from every healthcare dollar you spend. Use this open enrollment period to improve your coverage so that all of your assistance needs can be met.

If you or a loved one need help in the home or additional support at a senior living facility give Angel Companions a call today for a FREE consultation today.

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