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Post Surgery Home Care: Benefits of an After Surgery Caregiver

in home elderly post surgery care atlanta

Post Surgery Home Care: Benefits of an After Surgery Caregiver


Why a Post Surgery Caregiver is a Great Option

When a senior has surgery, the recovery process can be difficult, especially if you live alone or with an aging spouse. Caring for yourself at home can not only be a challenge — but not doing it properly can also be dangerous, since those who recently had surgery can be at risk of things like infections, falls, bedsores and more. One of the best ways you can ensure proper care for yourself or a loved one after surgery is by hiring an after surgery caregiver from an in-home care agency in Atlanta.

No One to Help After Surgery

Agency caregivers are trained to keep seniors healthy and happy while they’re recovering from an operation, and their experience makes them trustworthy sources of support to have in a home. They can make sure you are following post-surgery protocols giving by your physician to ensure a speed, safe recovery.

What Types of After Surgery Home Care are Offered?

We at Angel Companions provide long-term care or short-term care for patients at home. There are many types of post-surgery scenarios that Angel Companions’ caregivers handle routinely, including:

  • Hip replacement
  • Knee replacement
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Oncology procedures (mastectomies and other mass removals)

Post Surgery Home Care Cost

A common question we receive is how much does a caregiver after surgery cost? That can really depend on a couple of different important factors that affect the amount of time a caregiver is needed and how hands on it will be.

  • What type of surgery was it? Open heart? Knee replacement? Ankle?
  • Are we the only caregiver option or just respite care for some that work during the day?

Questions like these are important pieces of information that are required to provide an accurate cost estimate for post surgery care.

If you are still able to be relatively mobile or you have a loved one that can aid in the recovery process you may need a home caregiver for fewer hours.

However, if you have had invasive surgery chances are it is essential to have someone to help with medication, position changes, cleaning, cooking, bathing and running errands.

Thankfully most companion care agencies can provide very flexible after surgery care to fit your budget and health needs to make sure you recover quickly and successfully!

How Can Angel Companions’ Caregivers Help?

The caregivers from Angel Companions are licensed CNAs, and they are trained to help elderly after surgery patients at home with a wide range of activities. These activities can be critical to ensure the likelihood of infection is reduced with proper sanitation, dressing changes and bathing, range of motion is regained or in the event of an emergency help is available quickly. These activities can include:

  • Ambulation
  • Toileting
  • Bathing, Dressing & Grooming
  • Meal Preparations
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transportation to post-op appointments, and more.

post surgery care atlanta

How the Post Surgery Caregiver Process Works

When you hire a caregiver from Angel Companions to help care for a senior post-surgery, the caregiver will remain with the patient through the most intense post-op recovery process, then transition with a patient as they heal.

An in home senior care agency in Atlanta can start off the post-surgery caregiving process by doing live-in care or daily care for mom or dad. Then, as the patient recovers, caregivers can lighten their care schedule to help every other day with more strenuous activities like bathing, changing sheets on bed, errands, transportation and meal preparation.

Finally, once you’ve recovered fully, caregivers can routinely call in to make sure you are well — until you are completely back on your feet and ready to tackle the world without a caregiver.


If you or a loved one is elderly or disabled and will be having surgery soon, get in touch with Angel Companions. Our agency can provide you with a skilled senior in-home caregiver who makes sure the post-surgery recovery process is safe, healthy, successful and as pain-free as possible.

Angel Companions of Georgia specializes in elderly in-home post-surgery care for all 27 metro Atlanta counties including the cities of Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta, Buckhead, Lawrenceville, Norcross & more!

If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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