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Best Ways to Plan for Post-Surgery Recovery

companion care post surgery recovery

Best Ways to Plan for Post-Surgery Recovery


Importance of Companion Care for Recovery

Do you have a loved one who is heading for surgery? Or, are you experiencing this yourself? It’s important to have a good plan in place for your post-surgery recovery. Although every individual’s needs are different, here are some things you can do to ensure the best and smoothest recovery time possible.

Prepare Your Living Space

Depending on the type of operation you have had, you will need to adjust your home accordingly. For example, change your bedroom to a space downstairs if going up steps won’t be an option for you. Stock your freezer with ready-made meals to save time on food prep.

Get Equipment Ready

Will you be needing special gear at home? Be sure to check in with your doctor Oxygen tanks, shower seats, or elevated toilets can all help you after the operation. Insurance may be able to cover some items.

Have Safety Measures in Place

If you need to be in bed for a few days, you could be prone to dizziness. To avoid stumbles and falls, try installing better lighting, removing any floor clutter, and wearing proper house slippers.

Hire A Licensed Care Giver

Help from a family member or a professional home caregiver can make all the difference. You may need to do physical therapy post-surgery, or get help managing things at home. Pre-arrange everything before your operation, so that you have someone on hand to call when you need them.

Make arrangements in advance if your surgeon suggests getting a nurse, physical therapist, or health aide. You can get recommendations from your friends, doctor, hospital’s home care department, or insurance company. Make sure you schedule the first visit before you leave the hospital.

Getting Back to a Routine

It’s better to recover well than to recover fast. In fact, trying to recover too soon is a big mistake that many make. So if you need help with driving, shopping for groceries, or caring for pets and other family members, let someone know.

Physical activities such as travel may also need to be put on hold. Try to re-schedule everything in advance, giving yourself as much time to heal as possible.

Cameras in the Home Allow Constant Monitoring

Gently ease your body back into its daily routine. Try simple walks, depending on your strength and state of mind and body. Move from room to room, if you cannot yet go outdoors. The movement will help you know how much your body is improving. However, be on the lookout for warning signs, such as pain or a change in body temperature.


Having a caregiver around, or an in home caregiver agency services is a good option for many seniors. This also gives family members who may be on call to help, some times of rest, especially on weekends or during holidays.

Angel Companions Senior Care caregivers are experienced in assisting those who have just had surgery. Call us today to let us know your needs and requirements.

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