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Angel Companions Care Commitment to Infectious Disease

We have been fighting infectious diseases for centuries. Pandemics and public health emergencies remind us that there is always more we can do to protect our organizations, communities, and families.

Our Commitment to our Clients is to prevent illness and protect your loved one.  Angel Companions follows all guidelines set by the CDC for infectious diseases such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, hepatitis, RSV and others  In our process, we will educate our clients, families, and caregivers on all health concerns and issues on any related diseases.  We are committed to providing clear consistent and transparent communication about your loved one to keep the entire family informed and healthy.  At Angel Companions, we will listen to your unique situation, and we will provide a tailored solution. 

Angel Companions is a family-owned business for whom companion care is our calling: our mission is caring for families as we do our own.

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