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Why an In Home Caregiver Agency Is The Best Choice for Senior Care

in home caregiver agency

Why an In Home Caregiver Agency Is The Best Choice for Senior Care


A Look at the Advantages of an In Home Caregiver Agency

If you’re the child of an aging adult, choosing care for your parent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Some common choices for elderly care include assisted living, independent contractors, private caregivers and a home caregiver agency. Read on to learn more about the benefits — and potential dangers — of each.

Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

No two assisted living facilities are the same, but in general, seniors live largely independently and in their own rooms. They receive check-ins from staff, and may receive group meals, rehab exercises, and help getting to doctors’ appointments.

Unfortunately, there are many stories of abuse in these kinds of facilities, both from staff and fellow residents. While experts agree these incidents are more common than anyone would like to admit, they also agree that tracking them — and addressing them — is very difficult. Even senior care facilities with the best of intentions can face serious problems.

Private Caregivers and Independent Contractors

Fearing problems with assisted living facilities, many families turn to private caregivers and independent contractors. These elder care specialists aren’t tied to an agency or other company, and they come into the home to give senior care on a regular schedule.

Many families prefer this system because it’s less expensive yet still offers the senior some degree of autonomy. But it carries its own dangers.

Many of these individuals work normal working hours, so if they’re needed in an emergency they can’t assist. They often aren’t licensed or bonded, and by definition they aren’t supervised by an agency. Handling payroll and taxes is the family’s responsibility.

Due to the lack of accountability, some caregivers have even walked out on patients when they’re most needed. The only legal recourse in this scenario is to drag the individual to court after the damage is done, and to engage in a costly and time-consuming lawsuit.

Choosing an In Home Caregiver Agency

By contrast, in home caregiver agencies protect their clients with licensing, bonding and insurance. They handle all payroll and taxes for you, and because each company has a broad pool of caretakers to draw upon, your loved one will never be alone. All caretakers receive careful background checks to make sure they’re responsible, upright people.


Your loved one’s well-being isn’t something to gamble with. By choosing an in home caregiver agency for your senior care, you’ll know your parent is safe, happy and in good hands.

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