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Illuminating Memories

crystal candle holder with lit candle on table.

Illuminating Memories


When a cherished loved one passes away, memories and grief reach far beyond the family tree. As Angel Companions’ case managers and caregivers, we are there as life is released.

The final weeks of life further tighten family and caregiver bonds. We ease stressful schedules, work, and life commitments. We sit in vigil as they rest or manage multiple households.

For our chronically ill patients, inseparable bonds develop between caregiver and charge. We tend, bathe, and feed body and mind; friendships deepen, and confidences are shared.

At times we are the last to say good night or hold our patients’ hands as they leave this world, and although we realize that we must love them while they are here, it hurts.

Our Candle

As families move forward with final arrangements, we stand by.

We have been honored to attend funerals, organize must-dos, and be a place of shared stories, tears, and laughter – many of which are ours.

We are there until families say goodbye to us, as well.

Loss hurts tremendously. To acknowledge our grief and honor each patient’s passing, we light our little candle. Its flicker at our front desk is a gentle reminder of the cycle of life and our unique role within it.

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