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How to Take the Car Keys Away

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How to Take the Car Keys Away


Tips to Prevent a Senior from Driving if They Should Not

Is it time for someone you love to stop driving? Talking to seniors about driving can be a tricky conversation, but there may come a time when it becomes an issue of public safety. They may feel as if you are taking away one of their precious remaining rights and a key to their independence. At Angel Companions we understand this can be a difficult conversation to navigate so we came up with some helpful tips when you need to take your loved one’s car keys away:

1. Talk to Them

Have an open and honest conversation with your loved one regarding your concerns, but be respectful. Don’t cause your senior to become defensive by accusing them of unsafe behavior; instead, create a compelling argument by preparing a list of reasons, concerns and incidents that contribute to this decision.

2. Offer Options

Don’t expect the senior to concede without another arrangement or plan in place. Make sure to offer an alternative, such as a family member driving them or hiring a part-time caregiver.

3. Make Compromises 

Try to make compromises related to driving. If the senior still is able to drive, set limits and ask your senior upholds these. Suggest driving safety tips, such as wearing polarized sunglasses to improve visibility when driving.

Some other concessions might include:

  • Ask that they don’t drive during inclement weather or after-dark.
  • Request that they maintain eye appointments and have their vision checked regularly.
  • Ask your loved one to minimize distractions, such as cell phone usage or eating behind the wheel.

Make sure the vehicle is clean and the windows are regularly washed for optimal visibility. Clean and clear tail lights and headlights frequently, too.

4. Help With Errands

Hire a caregiver in and around Atlanta, Georgia, to drive your loved one to appointments, errands, and commitments. Give your senior the independence to detail when and where they want to go, but make sure that they have a safe driver to get them there!

5. Do Not Back Down

If all else fails, share your concerns with your loved one’s physician. These providers are in a position to legally confiscate a patient’s keys if they feel they shouldn’t drive and if the individual is resistant to change.


Be patient when implementing new driving limitations, as it can take a while to adapt to these changes in their daily routine. Many seniors may be relieved at the prospect of not having to get behind the wheel, though they may worry that their autonomy is being jeopardized. Assure them that they can maintain their independence but that safety has become an issue. Use these tips to gently and respectfully take the car keys away from your loved one.

Angel Companions serves all 27 Greater Atlanta counties and offers transportations for your loved ones so they can get to church, run errands, grocery shop and more. All without you having to fear about them endangering themselves or others on the roads. We provide part or full-time care and companionship to make sure your loved one stay safe and happy in their home! If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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