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Welcoming Elderly Neighbors and Senior Family Members

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Welcoming Elderly Neighbors and Senior Family Members


Tips for Caring for Elderly Neighbors Around You

Seniors like us all desire companionship and look for ways to fulfill their day. Unfortunately, for many seniors, feelings of isolation grow more acute and depression spikes for many people during the winter darkness and chill. Even though, some seniors still have family members, they may be far and things can feel bleak.

Whether you are a senior caregiver in Atlanta yourself or have an elderly relative, friend or neighbor, here are some tips to bring the seniors in your community some cheer.

Remembering the Elderly Around You

In the daily bustle of shopping, cooking and hosting, it’s easy to forget about our elderly family and friends. Before the you get caught up in all your upcoming engagements, take a moment to think about the senior citizens around you — in your family, your neighborhood, your local senior care facility, and the broader Atlanta community.

Reaching out to seniors doesn’t have to be complicated. Even a small gesture like a simple gift or a card can brighten a senior’s day and bring them happiness.

Consider the care of your own mom and dad in their senior years, perhaps you have the accessibility to help, but what if you weren’t there? Consider the care of a parent and how limited some seniors can be in taking care of them or lack social interaction.

Inviting Your Elderly Friends Over

Do you know if your elderly friends in Atlanta have family or friends they’ll be spending time with? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Even this simple gesture is enough to bring hope and brightness into their life. If they say they’re planning on spending weekends consistently alone, it’s a good idea to make an offer.

Chances are you have room for an elderly friend or family member in your family planning. Ask if they’d be interested in dropping by for a shared meal or a friendly evening. Offer to pick them up from their in home care or senior care facility. If they say no, ask them if they’re sure, then leave the offer open if they change their mind (or if their existing plans fall through).

If and when they do stop by, treat them as you would any other guest. Introduce them to your other guests. Make sure they’re fed and happy, and include them in conversation. Make sure they have transportation back to their home, senior care facility, or other residence.

When the sunlight starts to go away and the world feels a little cold and dreary, depression and isolation can rear their heads. For many seniors, they are alone or their families are far and cannot help. But with a little care and compassion, you can reach out to a lonely senior and make time for them and really build something special.


Angel Companions understand the importance of given the elderly in Atlanta time and attention. They are all too often overlooked and end up feeling abandoned and alone. Chances are you have someone in your community that a simple hello, invitation to dinner or offering to sit and chat could do wonders for their emotional health.

Angel Companions Senior Care delivers in home elderly care services to all 27 metro Atlanta counties including the cities of Dunwoody, Midtown, Buckhead, East Cobb, Marietta & more. View more cities to see if we offer in home senior care near you. If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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