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Dementia Checklist for Your Loved One

dementia checklist for seniors atlanta

Dementia Checklist for Your Loved One


Early Signs & Symptoms of Dementia

grandma dementia reading to child atlantaMany adults today fill the role of caretaker for their aging parents. In fact, family caregiver surveys show that 36% of caregivers are caring for a parent, and that 70% of caregivers are caring for relatives older than 50. As parents age, aging-related health problems can emerge — particularly dementia. Dementia is a condition that affects a person’s mental processes, and it can cause personality changes, loss of memory, impaired reasoning and more. If you have an aging parent you are caring for, it can be helpful to be aware of the early symptoms of dementia. The below checklist will help you determine whether your elderly parent might be displaying warning signs of dementia, so you can seek the appropriate medical attention for them.

Dementia Warning Signs

  • Difficulty remembering people’s names, even if those people are friends, family members, neighbors, or people they’ve known for a long time
  • Using the wrong word in a sentence when talking
  • Not being able to follow a conversation, or getting lost mid-discussion
  • Struggling with routine tasks that used to be easy, like cleaning the home, opening a can with a can opener, or taking out the garbage
  • Loss of interest in spending time with friends and family, lack of desire to engage socially
  • Difficulty remembering appointments that have been scheduled
  • Not understanding what a story means or being able to follow its trajectory
  • Not being able to remember all of the steps of a routine task
  • New difficulty filling out forms with many blanks or questions, though this task was completed easily in the past
  • Change in behavior, or new feelings of restlessness, short temper, constant hunger, sugar cravings, or seeming suddenly quiet or withdrawn

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If you believe that your loved one might be suffering from dementia, you don’t have to handle the condition alone. First, seek medical help to get a diagnosis from a doctor. Then, seek out resources to help you care for your relative. There are many helpful, trained caregivers in the Atlanta area who can live with your parent at home to ensure they stay safe and well.

Angel Companions serves all 27 Greater Atlanta counties and employs caregivers that are trained in detecting the warning signs of dementia and caring for people suffering with the disease. As the child or guardian of a loved one struggling with dementia you do not have to handle care alone. We provide part or full-time care and companionship to make sure your loved one stay safe and happy in their home! If you have any questions please use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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