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Common Sleep Problems for Seniors

common sleep problems seniors

Common Sleep Problems for Seniors


A Look A Sleep Problems Seniors Face

Sleep is an extremely important part of life, particularly for seniors. Not only does it give the body a chance to energize for the next day, but it also allows time for repairing and healing. When seniors don’t get enough sleep, they can experience more injury and illness, alongside a generally lowered sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately, however, it’s relatively common for seniors to experience sleep disorders.

Senior Sleeplessness Statistics

Experts have learned that changes to sleep patterns as people age regularly cause sleep disruptions. In fact, studies show that as many as 48% of all seniors may experience episodes of sleeplessness regularly, meaning they find it hard to either fall or stay asleep each night, or both.

Common Senior Sleep Disorders

It’s important to learn to recognize and treat sleep disorders, so that your loved one can experience improved sleep and get the rest that’s needed for health and vitality. Here are some common disorders to look out for.

  • Sleep Apnea: This is when a person’s breathing is interrupted in their sleep. To treat it, seniors can make lifestyle changes and try devices like a CPAP.
  • Insomnia: This is prevalent in an elderly population. It can be treated with medication, as well as supplements, therapy, and improved daily routine.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome: This is an uncomfortable condition that causes people to feel like they have to move their legs urgently, even when lying in bed. Medications can help treat this syndrome, as can changes in routine.

Basic Tips for Combating Sleep Disorders

If your loved one is having difficulty with sleep, here are some helpful tips for improving their condition.

Create Bedtime Routine

A routine can help make falling asleep easier. Pick the same bedtime each night, and have your loved one complete the same rituals (taking a bath, reading a book, etc.). A routine can trigger the body to know it’s time to fall asleep.

Exercise More

Seniors should be as active as possible during the day. That way, they’re tired out and in need of rest when nighttime arrives.

Cut Out Alcohol and Caffeine

Some substances naturally interfere with sleep, like caffeine and alcohol, and should be removed from the diet.

Provide Support and Supervision

Some seniors may have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. Consider hiring someone for in home senior care to stay during the night if this is the case for your loved one. That way, they’ll know they’re not alone should they need something if or when they wake up.


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