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Skilled Caregivers Allow Seniors to Stay Home: Where the Heart Is!

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Skilled Caregivers Allow Seniors to Stay Home: Where the Heart Is!


What can a Caregiver do to help aging parents?

There will come a day in many of our lives in which we’ll face a difficult truth: Our beloved parents don’t require round-the-clock medical care — but they’re no longer able to care for themselves safely and effectively at home. We will face a tough decision: Should we move them into our home? Should we move them into an assisted-living facility? Or should we use or resources to help ensure they are safe and well cared for in their own home?

Aging in Place

Seniors given those options overwhelmingly prefer the latter. Aging in place, as it’s often called, allows seniors to enjoy their golden years surrounded by the things and memories that give them comfort. Home sweet home is familiar and comfortable, and most seniors have no desire to endure the stress and uncertainty of moving anyplace! Fortunately, there is a feasible answer to the question of “How can we keep our seniors safe in their own homes?” The answer is “Find a trustworthy in home senior caregiver who possesses the qualities to keep our loved one happy and safe.”

caregivers home elder care angel companions atlanta

Must-Have Qualities of an In-Home Senior Caregiver

When the day comes to find an in home caregiver for mom and dad, not just any individual will do! We all want the absolute best for our elderly parents. We want to find a skilled caregiver who appreciates seniors and has a passion for helping others. The ideal senior caregiver will have:

  • Effective communication skills. Before you invite someone into your loved one’s home, you must feel confident that this person will listen to you and your parents, relay important information to you about how your parents are doing, communicate respectfully at all times, and not be short-tempered or irritable.
  • A great elderly caregiver will understand that a senior may feel uncomfortable opening up their home to a stranger in the beginning. An empathetic caregiver will understand that it may take time for a senior to warm up, and will be patient and kind throughout the process.
  • An energetic, upbeat personality. Many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression as they become more homebound and less able to enjoy the activities they used to be able to enjoy. A senior caregiver who has a positive attitude can transform a senior’s life. When you choose the right helper, your loved one will eventually come to consider this person a friend and companion, rather than an aide.

What Would You Want?

Aging is inevitable. Give your loved ones the gift of aging peacefully in their own home. Compassionate, skilled senior caregivers can make this gift possible.


Angel Companions Senior Care is a home elder care agency in Atlanta that proved the highest trained, licensed and bonded caregivers to let you or your loved one stay comfortable in their own home.  If you are looking for more information, have questions or want a FREE, no obligation consultation to see if what we do it right for your family use our contact page form or call us today at 770-579-5000!

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