While we hear of Alzheimer’s and Dementia as though these are interchangeable terms, it is important to understand that Alzheimer’s is really a form of Dementia. Actually, there are other less heard-of forms of Dementia called Picks Disease and Lewy Bodies Disease.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia care in atlantaPick’s disease is a relatively rare form of dementia. Patients with Pick’s initially exhibit marked personality and behavioral changes, and then a decline in the ability to speak coherently.

Dementia Lewy Bodies is a type of dementia characterized by the presence of Lewy Bodies, which are nervous system inclusions. These can mimic symptoms such as Parkinson’s as well as typical Alzheimer’s.

Caring for a loved one suffering from one of these debilitating diseases requires caregivers that are knowledgeable and sensitive to those with these afflictions. Angel Companions is fortunate to have a large number of skilled caregivers with extensive experience in caring for patients with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia.

Our caregivers are trained to deal with verbal and physical aggression. They know when and how to diffuse confrontation which normally resolves itself in minutes. Caregivers know that it is most important to provide a calming approach to all care.

Our caregivers are trained to:

  • Provide constant supervision for safety. Patients tend to wander off, so watchful supervision is a MUST
  • Provide interaction to exercise the mind with games and other activity
  • Take walks in pleasant surroundings and conduct activities that are fun
  • Provide nutritious and proper diet
  • Monitor and document changes in behavior
  • Provide mental cueing in a positive and compassionate manner

Providing this care in their homes and familiar surroundings is most important to the patient’s quality of life. Angel Companions will also customize the care (click here see Our Services) to accommodate the care best suited to meet the specific needs of the patient.Individuals Who Require Non-Medical Care

Our caregivers are experienced in assisting a wide variety of people in need of non-medical care, such as:


Rehab Patients

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
  • Wheelchair and Bed-Bound Patients
  • Stroke Victims
  • Patients Suffering From Depression
  • Those in Need of Companionship

On-Site Care

  • Private Residences
  • Adult Communities
  • Geriatric and Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living Facilities

On-Site Care

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Weekends
  • Overnight
  • Live-In